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Topic of the Day: apples

Apple Day in United Kingdom
Costel Zăgan

The drug of spring

Even the apples have felt in love

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Added by Costel Zăgan
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Richard Brautigan

Unrequited Love

Stop in /
write a morose poem /
leave / if only
life were that easy

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Added by Dan Costinaş
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Talent and dedication

I believe not in talent,
I believe not in dedication,
nor do I believe in their
Arrogant I am,
At least, enough to believe I have talents.
To everything that appealed,
I poured in my soul.
Achieved I have,
only a few notches below the acceptable.
Talent is merely a wound,
on which the salt of dedication is heaped.

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Added by Poetry Lover
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William Butler Yeats


Nor dread nor hope attend
A dying animal;
A man awaits his end
Dreading and hoping all;
Many times he died,
Many times rose again.
A great man in his pride
Confronting murderous men
Casts derision upon
Supersession of breath;
He knows death to the bone --
Man has created death.

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Added by Dan Costinaş
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Carmen Sylva

The Shadow

The shadow of your threshold is so full
Of meaning, that the stranger knows what home
Is yours, if peace dwell here, or strife, or restless
Unsatisfied ambition. As the tree's
Deep shadow meaneth rest and comfort, or
Is poison, sleep eternal, such the house
That is a home's sweet shadow or a dark
Abode of sin, of lurking lie and danger.
The shadow of your life, that is so small
In bright midday and summer's burning sun,
Begins to lengthen when your evening comes,
And shows the beauty of the tree in outline,
Its graceful forms, its harmony and power;
And never did its beauty strike before,
As now, when lost in thought, you contemplate
The shadow on the lawn. The golden rays
That flood it, make it higher, nobler, and
Its shadow ever greater, till the night
Calls forth the moon, to make it deep and weird
As if unspoken pain had darkened it,

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Added by Veronica Serbanoiu
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