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Diego Adrian Manriquez

It's Burning Inside Me

Oh dear god,
If you were in heavan you'd laugh at the times I've reached out for you,
It seems kind of pointless when you're as ignorant as me,
Faith comes as easily as love for me,
It's only in my life once,
And I feel it's pointless to have someone screaming you words at me to get them through my head,
I've grown tired oh 'waiting for a sign or a miracle',
It makes to sick to think I was foolish enough to waste my time and even wait,
And still to this day I have no faith,
No faith in love,
No faith in me,
No faith in family,
No faith in you,
It's kind of pathetic because I wish I could be able to think positively about things,
I know it sounds sort of bright,
But when I feel like the world has gave up,
I can stand tall and be glad I don't put my hopes in things like this,
But on the inside I can't stand myself for being so emotionless about it.

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