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Faleeha Hassan

No thing after the war and you!

I was to say you over looking to me of silence window
alone like me
and you are to lead my heart to the dream
alone like me
and the road to take you from to you
alone like me
and the earth graves to point to you
alone like me
but the ash of gravest one to mold me alone
where are you from I?

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When I entered my apartment
The stairs were lying like tired men after a hard day's work
The door a yawning mouth
My TV was listening intently to the sports newscast
Like a huge fat woman, the couch was sitting on the floor
Hardly breathing the used air
The curtain tickled the cheek of the window……
Swaying gracefully above
My books slept like babies on the hands of the bookshelves
The dining table was listening to the whispers of her chairs
The lamps were winking at to each other
The fan was busy flailing her arms indifferent
In my apartment
The life looks the same as I left it
Everything is normal
It is more than normal

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