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Gabriel Tajonar

Love Makes You Strong Or Weak

what is love many people say I love you but what is really love.
love make you feel great
love make you smile, but what is love without feeling it.
love makes you fly so high but what is love when makes you fall. love makes you strong but at the same time makes you weak. love but not too much beause if you love your feelings might be hurt but if you dont love you never know what is love.
love make you do things not matter the consecuenses even thought the consecuenses can damage your life. dont let your feelings be destroy by someone who dont deserve your love, love the one that suffers when you are sad, love the one that would risk his life in order to save yours.love the one that is always near to you dont try to find love so far because love can be near. we have to love in order other person loves us.what is love without feeling it.

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