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Pineapple.... XVI

Vacation 13

I went to Niagara, and saw a giant waterfall
When I was in Paris, I saw a tower that is tall

I was in Muenster Germany, and rode a bike
On Champs-Elysees Avenue, I had quite a hike

I had dinner with Andrea, and paid with my VISA
I went to The Louvre, and saw the Mona Lisa

I took a few trains, and rode a bus all night
I saw a total eclipse, that was OUTTA SIGHT! ! !

I rented a car, and drove to Nice
When I was in Italy, I was flagged down by police

I was driving very fast, without a mishap
My entire time in Italy, I had no map

I saw topless girls, catching a sunbeam
When I was in Venice, I had the BEST ice cream! ! ! !

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