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Sajid Khan

A Mole Hill of Ignorance and a History of Disaster.

We've Found the Scrooge of Mankind; It is the Emotional Baggage
in our Brains that Causes our Selfishness/Ego/Sins/Failures/Sickness -
Our Self Image! Let's Wake Up to this Mess

Wisdom education boils down to emotional baggage removal education.
Thus wisdom education is the usual bringing into consciousness the
unconscious/subconscious buried memories of emotional slaps to the
self image. By re-experiencing old hurts in the full glare of the awareness
of the current mindful self; where the old incidents have to be relived under
the watchfulness of the current situationally aware self again and again,
by re-experiencing one unburied memorized incident at a time. Each
incident is put under the microscope of mindfulness in the context of the
situational reality when the indecent happened and is cross referenced with
the current self's situational reality.

Again we have many traditional routes to creating a baggage free brain
from yoga to psychotherapy. All these routes involve taking the subnormal
brain and reeducating/retooling it into becoming a normal brain. Wisdom
education involves taking the sub normal as well as the normal brain and
making it super normal. Wisdom education is applying emotional healing

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The Poet Sajid Khan's Background.

Our Background

We have figured out what is wisdom and how it can be created on a mass scale.

Wisdom is the wealth of intelligence and just like wealth, wisdom is
nothing on its own! Just like wealth has to be in something else like
gold, real estate, stocks, bank balance etc. Again wisdom is like a
house. A house is the sum of its parts. A house is nothing without its
building blocks. Similarly wisdom is nothing without/but its building
blocks. The building block of wisdom is selflessness. By creating
selflessness we create wisdom.

We have quantified the mind and now emotions can be measured. We are
founders of Wisdom Day, Pure Happiness Seminars, 'Who am I' seminars,
'Third Eye' seminars. We have developed the idea of 'WisdomLand',
'Brain Power Clubs', 'Shy Power Club' and The Wisdom Express. We even
have wisdom toys.

The world is at a loss of how to solve the economic mess. We have the
answers. The human self runs on two wheels. One is intelligence and

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