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Sama AlNaber

Talking To The Moon.

Here it goes every day every night when the moon is shinning the whole earth

The whole darkness of the world with its night
wishing she is like the moon shines the darkness of others' heart
Wishing that she is the candle of hope and strength of their souls
But every once and while she has to stand up for her self
To charge herself with the strength to go on
Forgetting the distance.. Forgetting the '' memorial '' of the distance

Trying to reach his soul by gazing up into it
Trying to reach what he feels by talking to the moon
Wishing they are in the very same page
Because the moon is the only way to herself to feel secure
To feel him around her..
To listen to his heart's beats.. to feel his arms around her
How much distance is cruel and how much the moon is a healer of the pain

How long every night she spends hours and hours trying to find enough words to tell him how much he is loved by her
How much he is missed … how much she wishes that he is talking to the moon far across the distance
Because it is the only thing that reunion their heart

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