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Donna Oferrall

Rainbow On The Horizon

Love may be misleading at this moment in time
Do not fear as a love sublime
is on it's way to restore your faith
to believe once again in love and grace
hold on tight to your inner feelings
love will surrender your truth and light
it will be on your path and make everything right
love is to embrace and warm and heal you
to fill your soul with an everlasting love
that's surely sent from heaven above
so in your despair of meeting that soul mate
remember these words and hold them close to your heart
a love thats so real and eternal and heartfelt
that loves on it's way quicker than you think
it's all up to god and his path designed for you
or destiny or fate
Please realise this love is part of the plan
to make you aware of his unwavering support
your rock your refuge your inner guide
will bring to you your hearts desire

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