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Fiona Sunny

The Wind of Spring

Hark! The wind of spring hath come
The hansom pulled by the vernal angel
Hath made its way through the wrath of tempest
With the fallen squall and Mother Petal
He leads the wake of the seeds asleep
And hums an elegy for the knell of woebegone days
He brings to blooms the verdure from deep
And lets the laurels wreathe the blemished ways
‘New day, new hope; new wind of scope’ –
Doth he whisper as he blows behind every ear
He sings a lullaby over the cove
And lulls the earth’s scullery near
As the scorching rays shall arrive in clover
He now makes merry under every roof he enters
His blow casts the huddled bushes with blossoms
Sensing his accent shall every lip widen
O wind of spring! Thou art the spirit of the immortal
No missive of thine is misspelled as thou pronounce
For thy blow doth push open a new portal
A new beginning doth thy breath announce.

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