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Frank Halliwell


Frank Halliwell
Jimboomba, Qld.Oz.

Around me spin the galaxies which I have helped to chart
When the first among the spacemoose, I became.
-Surrounded by these wonders now I stand with heavy heart
And ponder on the brevity of fame.

..The concrete moose that sat atop the rocket's blinding blaze
As it left earth on a pillar of white fire...
It was just a few short weeks ago that poets sang my praise,
and I felt that of my deeds they'd never tire..

It seems they've all forgotten Slack, the famous concrete moose..
..but I was once the hero of their tales..
Once famous, now a nobody, .. a virtual recluse-
Where food abounds but never snow prevails.

So beam me up, MacAntelope and set our course outbound-
To seek among the stars to find out where

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