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Tara Sloblock

After A Conversation With A Bigot (ed/repost)

'When you cut me, I will surely bleed
blood-red; and just the same, indeed
as every person of every race,
of every creed and hue of face;
and though the rivers of blood may flow
it's not because (we surely know)
of any policy or legislation
or measure against discrimination;
no; for sure, on the contrary
Tiberian foaming, it seems to me
results from the evil of human intent;
ignorance - mental negligence.
Law and policy cannot curb
idiotic voices that wish to be heard;
and sticks and stones may indeed break bones
but remember the impact of words alone.
I have no time for the prejudiced mind,
with vacant heart, unseeing eyes blind;
so if you wish to converse with me
I expect to hear humanity.

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